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me and YOU...
me and YOU...
I once said that life wasn't worth living
I believed that I was right.
I knew that it wasn't what it was supposed to be.
I thought it was my fault.
I witnessed what I had done, of how I failed and hurt.
I felt the pain of my wounded heart beat from the bitter impact.
I wanted to leave this life, to forget it all like an eraser cleaning its slate.
I saw in myself something worse than I could imagine.
I was afraid of what I would become.
I hid from myself and tried to become others
I always knew it wouldn't work.
I could have done better
I needed a second chance.
And then You came.
You, who once came to earth
You, who believed that we were wrong,
You  who Believed we were only young and learning
You, who knew what it was supposed to be.
You, who knew it was my fault, yet did not care
You, who witnessed what I have done, but did not falter in Your Love.
You, who wanted to heal me when you saw I was hurt.
You, who felt the pain of countless wounded hearts.
You, who gave
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Another Christmas.
Another Christmas Tale.
Another Christmas tale?
I thought we were finished.
I sought the essence of sleep
I did not want to be present
Oh please just finish your part
And let me go dream in peace
All I wanted was peace
So that I could rest my tale
On how I've done on my part.
After the Christmas dinner was finished
I wanted to gleefully present
To myself the happiness of sleep
But when I tried to sleep
Something disturbed my peace
I saw a box at my door, a present!
It could never have been a fairy tale,
Those dreams I have finished.
Long ago, I lost that childish part.
It seems that I need to part
With this box and return to sleep
So I put the box with others, all finished
These gifts would soon break my peace
For the kids believed in the tale
That Santa comes to deliver a present.
They wanted me to present
To them a celebration that's part
Of their plan So I repeated the tale
That when the children go to sleep
In their sweet nocturnal peace
Santa brings the gifts, wrapped and finished
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An outlook on the future.
An outlook on the future.
This is not a good time to be starting out in life.
Jobs are scarce, work if for naught
and those that exist often pay unexpectedly
low wages, causing their families to suffer.
Beginning a family
always stressful, uncertain, and unpredictable
-- is increasingly a stretch. A shot in the dark.
The weak economy begets weak family formation.
We instinctively know this;
several new studies now deepen our understanding.
Yet what do we find?
That this is not a good time to be starting out in life.
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Bad Luck with God.
Dear to whomever is reading this document. This testimony of my life should have been buried beneath the prison in Tombstone, and is a result of an unfortunate incident that had lead to my incarceration. I beg of you to please not toss my statements in the wind as if they were nothing but a pile of washrags. It may not mean much to a lot of people, but it does mean something to someone who knows who I am. Or rather who I was, for I fear my grief-stricken words will last longer than I will in this God-forsaken land. So why write it anyways? Well I'll tell you why.
It's because, even in these stonewalls, I can hear the talk of the townsfolk outside, and of what they are saying about me and what I've done in my life. It isn't much of a surprise when I hear that most of the things they say are not the most uplifting; for some, I'm a stagecoach robber. Others, a bank heist extraordinaire, and to others still... just a twisted murderer. The list goes on and on.
Sometimes, I hear someone tell
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The Light that Guides the shadow 8
Ch.8: And So the Truth Comes Out
Gladiolus lifted the second steel beam onto his right shoulder while wiping away the sweat that drenched his forehead under the beige bandana. He also wore a black sleeveless shirt and his baggy, black jeans. Feeling the solid frame pressed onto his body securely, he turned his head and shifted his gaze to a man with protective goggles passing by.
"Yo Ignis, where did you say you wanted these?" Gladiolus called out, staring at him with his scarred eye.
Ignis looked up and replied flatly, "Over by the support beams for section 20, right by the western wall."
"Gotcha." Gladiolus continued on his way with a content smile on his face. Yes, he doesn't have to work or lend a helping hand or fix anything… but he does it anyway, even when people try to tell him not to. He even managed to drag Ignis into helping as well, which was no small feat indeed. Yep it was just another great day…
"KYAAAAAAAAAA!" SLAP! The sound of flesh hitting flesh echoed thro
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Light that guides the Shadow 1
Ch.1: The Forgotten Heroine
()= inner thoughts.
One myth,
countless stories
The New Tale of the Crystal
Like the light that shines through the Crystal,
the universe shines with multi-colored content.
Now all that is visible and invisible is unbalanced
The destruction will ensue
The light and shadow shall meet and work as one
The shadow shall take its place in light
And light shall shine its path
Or all will be swallowed by Chaos.
Feathers fell from above and touched the ground silently around the knight as she knelt before the crystal edifice before her. The knight sighed, seeing the cold relief she has released the warrior stood and turned in the opposite direction. The light from the crystals and gems shined brilliantly around her as her metal boots clanked upon the cold, stone floor beneath her.
She shook her head, letting her silky strawberry-blonde hair run down her left shoulder and onto her breastplate. Her breastplate only covered her upper torso, with three
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I want to thank everyone who favorited and commented on my story! You guys are the best! I know this journal entry is short but still thank you!


M.M. (intitals)
United States
More of a writer than an artist, although writing can be a type of art.

as the name implies, I'm a Noctisx Lightning fan in the games Final Fantasy 13 and 13 versus.

A bit crazy and random.

Also have a profile on


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